Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt

So, this is my official pattern review of the hot pattern Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt. I love the cut of this skirt. It is very slimming from the front. I would have preferred real pockets instead of the faux pocket that is offered in the pattern. I need real working pockets people. Need, need, need them. If you like a real working pocket like I do, I think it wouldn't be a huge deal to modify this one.

View from the front, so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about. I don't know how to describe it, it just drapes nicely.

View from the back.

I KNOW!! Or should I say; now I know. I was completely ready to go out in public! On the way out the door, D wondered if I meant to outline my bottom. He seriously asked me that. "Did you mean to outline your bottom?" What are you asking, who in their right mind would do that? So I got out the hand mirror - and backed up to the full length mirror to get a good look at my rear (something I try never to do) , and sure enough, bigger than Dallas I had outlined my butt. Before you ask me "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Let me just state for the record I made this skirt on a whim one evening after a big day. I may have been a little tired. When I held the dark brown rick-rack up to the skirt and it popped, I'm sure I was thinking, wow, contrast trim, this will really pop. I specifically do not remember thinking, contrast trim, now this will really accentuate my butt.

So my final thoughts on this subject are... I recommend this pattern, it has an unusual cut. The instructions are a little sketchy and like all hot patterns assumes that you have general sewing knowledge. Hot patterns do not offer pictures with the instructions if you are a visual seamstress. As you can see from the line drawing the curve on the back is actually higher than it is drawn. I do not recommend using a contrasting trim. Unless of course having a smiley posterior is your thing, then contrast away.

This is the outfit I would have been wearing.
So funny, my sister suggested that I flip the skirt around, and that might just be the solution. The trim is serged in and short of cutting it off, it is in to stay.

vintage beaded sweater

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Corduroy skirt and wool leg warmers

Another lesson in never say never. As in; "I would never wear leg warmers." Enter leg warmers in yummy wool tweed. Who, I ask you could resist? Don't judge... it's cold in Colorado. I used them as a second pair of socks and tucked them into my boots. Yea, leg warmers!!

The skirt is a self drafted simple a-line. I had a remnant of vintage curtain fabric, that I fussy cut and appliqued on. I left the edges raw for that faintly distressed look.

I took the time to do a lot of stitching detail. It doesn't really show unless you look real close. (Click on the photo)

I'm hanging out in the studio today, working on a fun Christmas gift - and yes, I'm wearing the legwarmers.