Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farm Life mailorder 8405

I found a pair of Keds classic white canvas tennis shoes at an estate sale this weekend - which I was looking for by the way. You know where this is going don't you. They needed a day dress to go with. Just sayin...
You think I have crafty attention deficient disorder? really?

I've had the fabric for a couple of years. It came from a box of fabric D found at an auction. It is similar in hand to feed-sack cloth.

My thought for the rick-rack trim was to add something a little more subtle this time. Maybe just add a little texture. Look closer, a little closer (you may have to click on the photo and make it larger) a little closer, there. What do you think? Maybe it's a little to subtle?
So do I go red or black and contrast?

Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Edition

Working on:
New Edition Stone Free Farm bags
a home improvement project.

The bags are the same as the ones found here, and here, except for the addition of the 2010 pocket.

The bags are a collaboration with this artist. She designed and hand pulled the screen print. The print was made on recycled canvas fabric, that at one time covered sofas. The handles are up-cycled from discarded handbags.

On the back of the bags we use vintage home dec fabric. They are all a little different, depending on the fabric I've found.

As for the home improvement project, I'm going to wait to share (wip).
It was necessary as my place was starting to look like the Shipman's. You know, the Shipman's.
Actually... I don't know them either. The family lived next door to my Nanny (grandmother) when she was growing up. The report is that their place was pretty trashy. In the years that followed, as a tool to enlist our help, she would refer to the now infamous Shipman's. As in, "This place is starting to look like the Shipman's"; which was a gross exaggeration on her part because; we did not dump trash in a pit dug in an unused room of our home, nor carelessly dump our no longer functioning bathroom fixtures into the yard and plant flowers in the bowl.
And so it goes... my sisters and I understand that to let yard maintenance go, is to surely end up like the Shipman's.

Disclaimer: If your last name is Shipman I am positive that the Shipman's I am referring to, are in no way related.