Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Inspiration

I'm sure to the true fashionista this post is very late. These Dolce & Gabbana images are in the fashion magazines - and I'm sure, all over the web.
I have a hard time wrapping my head around fall fashion until it is actually Fall. So...
I am finding several looks from this collection inspiring. First, the little suit. I plan to wear mine with a top.
Last fall I wanted to make a Chanel- inspired jacket and didn't get to it. So I'm moving it up near the top of my sewing queue.

::Chanel inspired jacket- check

And then... in several colors? I don't really see that happening, but aren't they pretty?

Ahhh... great print and pattern. Love the dress.

this photo was blurred for a more realistic dream like appearance

I had to include these images. When I saw them I was reminded of a dream I had in high school on more than one occasion, with slight variations in detail.
I am in the hallway going to class. My mood can be described as happy, buoyant even. I speak to all my friends as I pass, and things are just peachy, until I feel a slight breeze on my nearly bare derriere. That's right -I forgot to put on my pants. I look down and sure enough -I'm in my underwear. Predictably this is the point where my peers notice that I came to school in my panties. No one ever notices until I do, weird. The rest of the dream usually involves some elaborate plot to clothe myself before everyone notices.
Maybe the Dolce & Gabbana models won't look down, and will never have to know that they did the whole second half of the session in their skivvies.