Tuesday, January 26, 2010

JJ BurdaStyle

Here's my version of the BurdaStyle JJ blouse.
It still needs a hem, but I had to get the photo while I still had some light.
I did change it up a little on the front. The print that I chose was busy, so I eliminated the front ruffles; and streamlined it a bit.

Both the front and back have a side panel. The end result is a fairly fitted silhouette.

The front placket was up-cycled from another shirt.

the fabric is from my stash

The JJ pattern is free, available as a download on the BurdaStyle site.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crochet fingerless gloves...

patterns can be found here

My sewing machine has been in Tennessee since November 25. The Pfaff service department completely went through the machine for a cleaning, and to fix a timing issue. This is the machine that I use every day. I have been in total withdrawal. When I'm not pouting, I'm using this down time for yarn-y projects.

I found this pattern on etsy. The designer is while they play. She also offers the pattern for the longer length, which she calls the Audrey fingerless glove. When I went over to get the link, I noticed that she's put new patterns on. She offers both crochet and knit patterns. If you want to cut to the chase, I see she's got several items already made up. I have posted a pattern review for both pairs on ravelry.

disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the designer or her shop. I'm just a fan, and love to share the work of other indie designers.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simplicity 2588

This dress was made using a project runway pattern. I like the fact that with these patterns you're offered additional design details. I'm sure you've seen them - but in case you haven't- the patterns offer a couple of sleeve, skirt, waistband, etc. variations, so that you have design freedom, following the theme of becoming your own designer - project runway style.

The fabric that I used is from my stash. I did a burn test to determine the fabric type and I still have no idea. The fabric drapes nice and has a medium hand. There is a slight nap to it. During the burn test it smells of burning hair. The burned edge is not melted like you would see if it was synthetic, yet it did draw up. Before I did this test I actually washed the fabric and ran it through a hot dryer. Now I am wondering if it could be a wool blend?

If it's wool it miraculously survived the very scientific throw it in the washer/ hot dryer and see what happens test.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jingle Bells

I hope you had a safe and festive holiday.

I wanted to share images of the skirt I made specifically for the occasion.
My sister wondered if I made this skirt out of a tablecloth. I explained that I had added the trim. She asked me, "Okaaay... why?"

I am surprised that after knowing me her whole life, she would have had to ask me that question.
For without the pom-pon trim ( setting them to motion with my legs) how else would I have been able to accompany myself in a very rowdy rendition of jingle bells, all day long?

Many years from now when I am gone, what special memories of me would my children have had to share? When reminiscing this particular Christmas I'm sure it all will be followed by, "I can't believe she did that, she was so... (whispered) sober."