Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simplicity 2591

View B Simplicity 2591
I've included the line drawing so that the side panel with side pocket application is visible. That sounds so professional (got it off the pattern back). I'm referring to the curved piece that hooks the front onto the back. The busy print on this fabric doesn't show off this design detail. If I make this one again I will make it in a solid, or at least a less busy print. I enjoyed making this and the unusual construction kept me entertained until the very end. I did not make this dress this fall (although it only recently has seen closet rotation). I have been lately referring to this dress as the suitcase dress.
I must be in a Fall frame of mind - I brought home a vintage dress in these same colors. Not on purpose. In fact did not even realize it until Jenny pointed it out. In fact she said, "Don't you already have a dress just like that?" To which I say, "Nope, this one has sleeves, and rhinestones."
Just for fun I found cute versions of this dress here, here, and here.

don't give up on me I'm still working on the pocket pdf.