Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Look for Less

I am a huge fan of anthropologie. The catalogs are so beautiful. I keep back issues and use them for inspiration in my own design work. This handbag is from the summer '05 issue. I wanted it but did not want to pay full price for it. As far as I know it never went on sale. As I still want one of these, I decided to make one like it. I know right. I-d-e-n-t-i-c-a-l. I can hardly tell the two apart. Oh, not so much? Hey, I already had this fabric. I did not have any vintage kimono fabric that is just a shade off watermelon. The project really went south when I realized I had a vintage silk tie that matched perfectly, and was crying out to be bag handles. Voila.
You know I'm not really seeing it either. I'm not quite sure how this happened. Back to the
drawing board.


Anonymous said...

I like your version better than the 'real thing'! Looks great!

lois said...

That is a perfect bag,,, silk tie and all!!

Jen said...

You've been tagged for a MeMe from Today at Jen's House --


Amy Jo said...

ha! This post made me laugh out loud. I love your self critique and that you were willing to try to make something beautiful. I want to see what else you've made!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You retained the shape and style of the bag, so it works for me! ;)

The only thing better than their catalog is going to the store!