Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and now The Rest Of The Story...

A refashioned skirt to go with the Hollywood corset.

This skirt is loosely based on a vogue pattern. It is not a pattern made for knits, but well, here you have it. Whack up five t-shirts, make the skirt a couple sizes smaller than what you'd normally wear. Applique a vintage hankie on the front. Leave the hem for a distressed/deconstructed look. Throw a bit of elastic in the waistband (uh, haven't quite got to that part yet).

Now, you can only name your outfit Hollywood corset if you take your photos next to a bar called The Hollywood. We kicked the beer bottles and dog poo out of our photos, but feel free to leave them, as it does add a certain authenticity to your photo shoot.

credit for the great outfit name goes to my model


glamspoon said...

love the corset! overall very sophisticated styling. like the 80's updated.

lorrwill said...

Hey -

I responded to your email about how to draft this...never heard anything back. Did you get my email?