Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chicks in a Limo

We spent the fourth cruising around in this limo. I am not however one of the "chicks" that this post is referring to.

Yes, these are the chicks.

This is my brother.
There were signs while we were growing up that he would be an eccentric. We were too young to understand or appreciate what would come. We missed some of those early warnings. I'm sure that most mothers do not get a call from the elementary school, asking that she make sure her son not bring any more mice pelts to school to sell to his classmates. There were other signs, but that's another very long post, on another day when you've got a huge chunk of time.
Disclaimer: I do not sanction the pelting/selling of mice, nor does does my long suffering mother.

Anyway... the crate on top of the limo is full of chicks. I know!!

So...Tony will bring your chicks to you in the limo.
Mom, did you ever think for one second that your son would turn out to be an eccentric chicken farmer? You probably expected something of the sort.

We had so much fun at The Chicken Ranch.

Fire up the limo Tone, you're having way too much fun. Our chicken pen is almost ready. We need some chickens of our own.