Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day two Self-Stitched

I am including this vintage dress in my Self-Stitched wardrobe. This was a pretty hefty re-do.
I cut off the weird almost 3/4 length sleeves, and with the fabric - lengthened the way short torso (bodice). At some point the dress had been altered and I had to fix the pleats. I almost gave up on this one. I hate mending/altering with a passion. I am not really sure why I loathe it so. It makes so much sense, as I love vintage, but rarely find anything I can wear - as is. So I've tackled a couple of items that were sitting in my mending pile, and plan to do a few more this month.

Note to my siblings: I did a little mending-it is not your green light to ask me to hem your pants. Remember, I am an artist. (I use this when I don't want to do something) ;)


Mary said...

What a pretty print on this dress-great job upcycling this garment.

Debi said...

this is a beautiful dress--well worth the effort!

Zoe said...

This is such a stunning dress, I'm so pleased you stuck with it. Using the leftover sleeve fabric for lengthening the bodice is genius and very impressive. The fabric was soooo worth it. xxx