Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fifties Re-visited a Modern Interpretation

I don't even have words to express how much I like this.

images from Vogue China March 2012


aprettymess said...

<3 awesome pix

imayfly said...

I’ve found your blog to be wonderfully creative and chock-full of delightful eye candy. With gratitude for your imaginative offerings I am passing along a Kreative Blogger Award nomination. (For more information go to Thank you for inspiring and entertaining me.

aprettymess said...

hi melynda. i dropped by to let you know i have chosen you to receive the liebster blog award. visit my post to see the rules and so you can pass it on to other bloggers
lily bean

Online PhD UK by Joyce Patterson said...

These are great fashion photos from Vogue China. It seems like that there is a real trend towards enjoying some of these classic looks from the 1950s. The dresses shown here are really fantastic. The best part of all would definitely be the shoes. The colors of the 1950s are really appealing.