Monday, March 23, 2009


I made this wrap style dress for my younger sister. The dress was made to go with her boots (circa 1910). It only seems fitting that the name for this dress would be a popular name from the same year.
We tried to have a photo shoot Sunday, but it was too windy. Doug called me to the window to show me that the whole state of Arizona had blown into Colorado. When I shared this with my sister-in-law she said, "Crazy windy- I thought it tasted like cactus!"


lucky knitter said...

Love the picture! Great dress! Did you use a pattern?

Christy Sews said...

Christy from Sew Retro here. I definitely think you can begin your summer of the dress again. I've been planning a year of sewing retro for a year. the only thing I've done so far is acquire more patterns. So, I'm going to try a sew retro summer in honor of the summer of the dress!

lsaspacey said...

Like I said on SewRetro, unless you dated your Summer of the Dress, which I don't think you did, I wouldn't change the name at all. It will still be a Summer, right?

livebird said...

You passed the Summer of the Dress baton to us down here in the southern hemisphere and we carried it proudly through Dressember and beyond.

I do believe that this makes it one contiguous season if you consider it globally so YES, do, proceed with Summer of the Dress.

Shay said...

Vintage fabric or new? I really like that print; great fabric/pattern combo.

Melynda said...

The fabric is garden graphics (thimbleberries) 2007 RJR Fabrics.
RJR made the print and also the matching dotted fabric that I made the bias trim out of.
The style is morphed from a couple out-of-print patterns.