Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bound Buttonholes

Armed with only my Singer Sewing book copyright 1949 and high hopes I re-visited bound buttonholes. I love this detail when I find it on vintage clothing. I've done this before a couple of times. It is not like riding a bicycle - you know, some things come back to you naturally. Some things you just forget.

this bound buttonhole is welt style

So if it's looking a little shabby it might have something to do with the three times I picked it out before I was happy (enough) with the results. Oh go ahead, I know you want to - click on it to enlarge so that you can see the needle marks that are still in there. ;)
I plan to enter this dress into the Mad Men challenge. Can you guess which character?


lucky knitter said...

Those are beautiful botton holes. I'll have to try it sometime. They look so much more finished. Thanks for the tip. :)

Gertie said...

They look great! Learning bound buttonholes is in my future, and I'm a little scared. I'm going to reference some of my vintage books, as well as an article that was in Threads not too long ago--maybe last year? Anyway, can't wait to see the whole dress!

Elise said...

Beautiful !

glam.spoon said...

I like how they look on the *wrong* side!