Saturday, September 12, 2009

The huge pencil skirt pattern review

The first pencil skirt pattern I tried was the hot patterns version. Let me just say for the record I really, really, wanted this to be the one. Not only that I love the idea of supporting these indie pattern companies, but Trudy and Jeremy have really gone the distance to make their patterns user friendly. If you haven't found them on You Tube you are missing out on some pretty creative stuff. I have had good luck with the hot patterns I've used. This one not so much. The pattern has some really great details, I just couldn't get the fit right. I found the shape very bulbous at the hip line. Then when I adjusted for that, I could never get the front darts quite right. I liked the curved waistband, the hem (deep bias cut facing) and the back kick pleat.

Skirt number two: New Look pattern 6758
I cut this out in my usual size. It's big. Never assume. You know the saying. So I have to re-size after it's almost done. Is this really going to happen? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Funny, after I made this, and while I was looking up the info, I found this post. My sentiments exactly.
note to self: check pattern review site first!!

So finally, in this case the third time being the charm, I've got it. This skirt is from a burda pattern. I first saw it made up here. I will make a this one again. I am going to borrow the elements I liked from the hot patterns skirt and make a few changes. The back slit is just the seam finished, and I don't think it will hold up well and I don't like the look. I'll add the vent. I'm also going to add the bias fabric hem.
So... as promised there you have it, maybe this will help someone looking for a go to pencil skirt pattern.

leave me a comment if you've made any of these patterns, I would like to hear about your experience


glam.spoon said...

I haven't made any of those patterns, but I'm really thankful for your educational and in depth comments. After all, pencil skirts are so in right now!

Gail said...

You have such an interesting way of putting fabrics together. I really love that jacket and skirt combination - not something I'd have thought of.

Gertie said...

Great post! I'm glad my post on the Burda ended up being helpful to someone! I love this skirt, as you know, but I also have issues with the slit. How are you planning on adding the vent? By copying from another pattern? Let me know--I'm curious to do the same thing myself!

Donna said...
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Donna said...

I have made the Burda skirt twice - love the fit... I made both versions and really like the shape of the high waisted one. Having worn and washed it a lot, the split is starting to come a little bit unstitched - I like your vent idea, too!

Wink said...

I've made a few pencil skirts, but even when I can find a pattern with a waistband - and at the natural waist - the overall length is too short. I know, I know, it's easy enough to add length. But then I found Butterick 4706 ©1987, and view A is just right. Next on the list to try is Butterick 5880, also from 1987 and also view A. It looks nearly identical to 4706, but calls for considerably less fabric!

Anonymous said...

I have made the Burda and I love it, the fit is perfect for me. I can't wait to see how you solve the slit/vent issue. Love your blog-keep it up! :)