Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fine Design

 Some time ago I saved this photo to my desktop. I could not believe there was actually a kindred spirit out there, one who like me, had such obvious love of skirts made of curtains. In fact, I made a very similar skirt to the one on top. I've actually made quite a few skirts from vintage drapery fabric.  Time went by and I couldn't remember the source of the original image.
 Then in December I happened to be visiting the decor8 blog and the images of a stylist named Emily Chalmers almost took my breath away. You know the feeling you get when you see a space and declare, "I could seriously live in that space." Everything about it... just lovely. So I got curious about you Emily Chalmers. I googled you. I tried to find every image that was out there. So there it is. The image I found so long ago and loved is your closet, in an open loft, in London. I love your loft.
Then I discovered not only are you a stylist, you are an author, and shop owner - with adorable personal style to boot. 
So yep... I ordered your books, not all of them, there's a lot.  

these photos belong to Hilary Walker 

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