Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speakers, Sofa Cushions, and Emily Chalmers

 It's been awhile, so I will try as best I can to remember the speaker conversation. Pretty sure it went something like this.
"Honey, do you remember me talking about how since high school I've wanted to own a quality set of speakers? You know the kind I mean - blow the roof off your house speakers." Then he is getting a call and has to get off the phone.
Then I get the second phone call. "Johnny was at a yard sale when he saw these speakers. He actually drove off and left them there. I told him to go back as fast as he could and get them." 
I remember having a fairly lengthy convo about said speakers, but I'm thinking you get the picture.
It's to hard to type inflection so you'll have to trust me when I tell you I recognized right away that I was being entreated. I do remember the punchline he said, "Did I mention that they are kind of big?"
Now I've widened my shot to include the speakers. Not only are they kinda big, they are kinda black, and sitting in the living room, that prior to their arrival didn't have a speck of black in the decor, at least not on purpose. So now I have a serious problem. These speakers are a force to be reckoned with. My first thought was making a big slip cover to camouflage them. Then I remembered the photos of the Emily Chalmers loft and her use of black as an anchor, or point of interest, in an otherwise white space. Viola. Decoration born of desperation my friends.

Oh by the way, he redeemed himself when he came home after the living room re-do and said, 
"I like it, it's very Anthropologie."

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Katrina Blanchalle said...

My partner insists on having huge speakers - 4 1/2 foot obelisks that stand out no matter where you put them. The best I can do is put large houseplants near them and hope that eventually the leaves grow big enough to camouflage the stark black blocks.