Friday, August 7, 2009

Beet Salad

Check out these beets. They are not from my garden, and although I am now harvesting my own beets, I am still choosing to post this photo. Why? because my beets aren't as pretty. There you have it- I'm not proud, I'm just telling it like it is. To give credit where credit is due, the beets are from Stone Free Farm.

The beets found their way into this salad. Isn't it pretty? So... I had to take its picture. In the process I am interrupted by Hanna.
Hanna: What are you doing?
Mom: Taking a picture of this salad.
Hanna: Seriously? Why?
Mom: Because it is so pretty.
Hanna: Jaron... Mom is taking a picture of her salad.
Jaron: Why?
Mom: Because it is so pretty?
Jaron: Are you putting that on your blog?
Mom: Maybe?
Jaron: Who does that???

When the Dad got home he was barely through the door before he was informed that Mom took a picture of her salad and then posted it on the Internet. A plenty lengthy debate then ensued regarding the posting of your dinner and who really wants to read about it. Is there a possibility that mom's loosing it? Of course I'm over here defending myself. Explaining that lots of people post their dinner on the net. (Hey, I know who you are, I read your blog.) What I didn't realize of course, is that you are taking the pictures of your food,
after the children have gone to bed.


glam.spoon said...

yummy! and I agree. very pretty salad.

suzof7 said...

This is so funny! I felt weird at first when I started photographing my food. The hardest part is waiting to eat though!

Your salad looks terrific. I think it's important to document that we actually make food sometimes, in case, you know, things get busy and we have to resort to using packaged food or something like that and our family complains that they never get a home cooked meal...

annasoc said...

You should see "Julie and Julia"--she blogged all about cooking. Cooking from Julia Child's cookbook, of course, but still...

And it's what you say about the food that counts.

The beets were beautiful.

bitter betty said...

oh man.. we debate the "who cares" portion of blogging All Damn Day.

I care. I love beet salad and I ate some last night too.

Lee said...

i just discovered your blog, so I realise that this is a late comment! Yesterday morning I took a picture of my french toast with strawberries and syrup. I'm convinced my hubby googled a mental institute shortly thereafter. YOur blog is great - found you through wardrobe refashion, so am just saying HI!!