Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recession Garden

A little before and after of the other big project that I've been working on.

Growing up we always had a garden.
I did not enjoy the process. It was always hot, and it seemed that the work was never ending. I did enjoy picking and eating the veggies that were ready, usually right there in the garden.

I have enjoyed the garden this summer. I am amazed that this little (actually not so little) garden has done so well. It helped that we started with really good soil. It seems that I retained some of the skills that I acquired while part of Mom's crew.

This is part of my crew. They do not really enjoy the process either. In fact, they prefer to observe from a distance, while wearing their pajamas.


glam.spoon said...

i had my first tiny little garden this summer... reaped a few rewards, but didn't love the process either. maybe it gets more enjoyable the longer you do it?

Erin said...

Kind of reminds me of Victory Gardens they had in the '40s... Not that I was around then! Hope you've enjoyed your fresh produce!