Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fat Bottomed Bag

I found this vintage enamel pin and put it on my crochet bag. It occurred to me that I've never posted the fat bottomed bag finished. The project was from some time back.

I added my own lining, the pattern doesn't call for one. I just flattened the bag (before I added the band that gathers it all up) as much as I could. This became my lining pattern. I gathered the lining onto a velvet ribbon to hide the edge, and hand sewed it into place.

Some of the paint has chipped off, but I think it makes the pin even more charming.
I love the bag, but my kids say it looks like an old grandma bag. I'm off to run errands, rockin' the old grandma look.


Karin said...

Cute bag! And the lining is beautiful. Matches with the pin :-)

Cisa said...

Rock out with the granny look! Lovin the bag :)

Michelle said...

I love your bag! I've seen in in The Happy Hooker, and it's on my to-do list for someday. I love the granny look, too!

Crunchy Sews said...

That fat bottomed bag lining is so pretty!