Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yellow floral circle skirt

I want this skirt. I loved it when I first saw it on the Sartorialist blog.
I looked hard for several weeks for the fabric to make a skirt like this. I finally ordered fabric that wasn't quite what I wanted, but I hoped it was close enough. Nope.

Now I am seriously going to be haunted. I've seen it again. I tried to go back and find the link. I've lost it. Please someone, tell me you know where to get fabric like this.
It would also be nice to identify the model. I love her look in both of these photos.

from the comments edited to add:
Here you are: she is Finnish and quite famous ;-)
Molla Mills
thanks michou


michou said...

Here you are: she is Finnish and quite famous ;-)

Cindy said...

It is great inspiration! I wonder if you can find a quilting fabric in the color/print?

Gertie said...

It's so pretty! I want a skirt like that now too! Way to pass on the obsession. :)

Cindy said...

I gave a quick Heidi dress update under your comment on my blog. I have been a bad blogger lately--will post a better review soon! take care.

Queenplinker said...

It looks like a drapery or a light upholstery weight fabric. I'd search ebay for some vintage drapes. Make sure you get enough to sew me one
Stay warm, Lynea

Queenplinker said...

Uh, strike my last comment about e-bay. I went to look for myself. Sheesh the vintage rose material has gone through the roof!

I found some nice vintage inspired drapery fabric at Handcock's sale this week. 3.00 yd. But none exactly like the model shown.

Sorry, good luck. Let know If I see it anywhere.

Kate said...

I found a quote from Molla Mills about the skirt at this site

She says "I'm wearing five meters of old drape. I used to have curtains made of this very same cloth in my bedroom for years.
The 40's inspires me again. And rock'n roll and old lovesongs which I listen to at work. Helsinki inspires me, too. I just moved in here. And crocheting, of course. There's always a crochet hook and a ball of wool in my bag!"
- Molla Mills (27)

I adore that skirt and her whole look, especially the red tights. I am on the lookout now too!

Melynda said...

Thanks to Kate for sharing the link. Not only was I able to confirm that the skirt was indeed made of drapery fabric, I found several other photos of really nice vintage.

Paula K. Cravens said...

Love this. Want to see yours.