Friday, March 12, 2010

Colette Patterns Biegnet skirt

I'm posting the Biegnet skirt even though it's not quite finished. When I tried to make the buttonholes my machine was skipping stitches.

A friend of mine owns a Janome sewing machine. She is impressed by the buttonhole maker. I'll try it on this skirt.

:: my informal pattern review::

::I liked this pattern. The instructions are in a sweet little illustrated booklet. Sarai takes you through the construction step by step. Don't shy away even if you are a beginner.
::The Colette patterns are sized using a different method than the fabulous four. I believe that it is closer to what you find when you shop RTW.

::The skirt is lined, I flipped it inside out to show you the way the facing is attached to the lining. clever
::I used a stretch cotton poplin from my stash. The lining is also cotton with a hint of lycra.
::I haven't yet decided if I will make the belt carriers. I like the idea of wearing different size belts with this skirt. I put the belt on for the photo, so that the high waist would be more apparent.
::Overall a really cute skirt. A little trendy with the high waist, but classic enough to become a wardrobe staple.
::Plus it has pockets in the side seams...


gwensews said...

Your skirt is darling. All those buttons! It is maddening when you can't get a decent buttonhole. Grrrr! Nice job.

Linda said...

This is going to be a nice looking skirt.

Faye Lewis said...

HI,I recently happened upon your blog and enjoy reading it very much. I've nominated you for a new blog award that you can pick up from my blog (only if you have time).

angie.a said...

Did you have trouble with the facing/lining combo? I never did get mine to look pretty and smooth. Hmph. :D Your skirt is lovely though!

Melynda said...

Sorry angie. Just now getting back to your question. I did manage to get the facing to lie flat. I do know what you're referring to. I took my stitch length down to 1.5 and clipped the heck out of the seam allowance. :)

fblinil said...