Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

This is my little haul from the thrift store today. I love finding vintage sewing items. The bias trim is 100% cotton instead of the more modern polyester or poly-cotton blend. My most favorite of all - can you make out the bias trim with the ditsy print? score.
Of course (greedy girl that I am) I wish there was more of the gold brocade.

Can you see it as a pencil skirt? Something similar to this j crew number? A look for less?
I just don't think I can squeeze even a pencil skirt out of this. darn.

On a totally random note; I signed up for the pattern review mini-wardrobe contest. I tend to be more productive when I feel as if I've a deadline.


cindy said...

I love the gold brocade with aqua too!

gwensews said...

I love that you found a tailor's ham and a sleeve roll that look in perfect condition. That doesn't happen often.

Myra said...

What about a vest with the brocade?