Friday, March 26, 2010

Square Dancin'

As you know I have a Nubian goat. Actually; you don't know that, but let's for this conversation pretend that we've talked about her before. Remember when we were talking about spring and new beginnings and tiny new baby animals? One of us must have said something like, "Wow, wouldn't it be great if Tess got knocked up and had little ones this spring?" So then we looked around and found her a boyfriend. As love goes- one thing led to another and then the triplets came.

And before you go forming that mental picture, NO this outfit is not for the baby goats. While I don't mind the label eccentric goat owner, I'm not that eccentric.

It's just that; what do you get the owner of said boyfriend to express your appreciation and gratitude for walking you through this incredible process?
Well... as it turns out her daughter also had a little one (human). So I presented her with her first goatie square dancin' outfit. Because yes, although not a square dancer, I'm that eccentric.

Did you catch the little rumba pants? I just sewed some eyelet lace directly onto the onesie. If you want to see it nearly life sized just click for a closer look. :)


gwensews said...

Isn't that just too cute! I was so relieved to find out that outfit is for a human child!

Karin said...

Triplets? Oh my, that sounds so cute.

As is the outfit you made, those ruffles are adorable.