Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Channeling my inner Laura Ingalls Wilder

I come across vintage crochet aprons every now and then. These aprons have no function, but are the most beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. I do not crochet so can only imagine the amount of hours it takes to make one.
I made the skirt out of both vintage and new fabric. It is wrap style and will fit several sizes. I appliqued dogwood flowers on the front. The edge of the design is raw and will softly fray when washed. The apron is attached to the skirt and becomes a layering element. This skirt is in my etsy shop.


Bean said...

I absolutely LOVE this skirt, and the shit-kickers are perfect with it! <3

Industrioushead said...

Great shirt and apron! I love it.

Mama de Saga said...

I love the skirt. If I could I would dress in "modern" Laura Ingalls Wilder style daily.

dana said...

Hey there. I found you on Wardrobe Refashion. Your stuff is adorable. You've inspired me to give patterns another try. I haven't used them since I was a kid and usually just make up my own. But you know, a pattern seems to be a good idea.
You've got some wonderfully creative ideas!
- dana