Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Look 6799

I have a pattern collection by accident. I try not to buy patterns unless I really think I'll make the garment. I have a particular weakness for dress patterns and own quite a few. Okay, more than a few. If I do the math (pattern+amount of hours to complete) I cannot sew all these dresses up in my lifetime. When contemplating my next project, I went through a few of my patterns (alleged pattern collection) and did not feel that little tingle. You know the one. So.. I went to the store and bought this pattern. Okay, I know. I am a very responsible consumer. I do not practice over indulgence as a rule. But seriously isn't this a really great dress? I have named her Ava Rose. Enough said.


Industrioushead said...

Thanks for sharing. Your dress turned out beautifully! I happen to be working on the same dress for my daughter, so it is great to see one that is completed.

Jen said...

Love this dress too. Gorgeous. I absolutely have to try this pattern.