Friday, June 13, 2008

pattern dating

This image is from The website has a page where you can click on a company name to go to a history and dating site. Pattern companies repeat numbers when they get to a certain point, so you need to know the approximate age of the pattern. Ballpark, using indicators (hairstyle, silhouette of garment, etc.) This is a really fun time sucker. I have found it useful because the copyright date is not always on the pattern.

Click on the tab that shows the change in standard sizing through the years. This helps explain why a vintage pattern size 12 is not the same modern size 12 we buy today.

Cemetarian also has an ebay store. I have never bought from them but they do have an excellent ebay rating.

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Treasure It Always said...

FYI...I was just trying to go to your site and it says "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!" it also said something about this sends out attacks to computers. Are you aware of this?

It could be my settings since I just started using Firefox, but I haven't had it happen on any other sites.