Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 14

This is the dress I did not wear today. Unless you count the million times I tried it on. Then I waded it up and jumped up and down on it. I didn't really jump on it, but I did hurl a couple of expletives in its general direction.
As I am breezing right through my Me-Made-May wardrobe , I thought that I would try to add to it. This dress has been hanging out in the back of my closet waiting for a refashion. I made sooo... many mistakes today. It should have been fairly simple.
I am walking away. Maybe tomorrow when I'm not so frustrated I'll work it out.


Nancy said...

Keep at it! You can do it! The print is great, I'm sure it'll look fabulous when you're finished.

Cinquefoil said...

Yes, do keep at it, I also think the fabric looks absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabric! When the dress is feeling adequately contrite for all the annoyance it's caused you, have another go at it.
I LOVE your creations. You have great style. Thanks for sharing your work.

Krista said...

That print is lovely, I'm imagining it on my body right now. Ahh. You must finish this dress, it looks so pretty. I am really liking the pleats.

Maria said...

The fabric is very pretty. I hope you find a way to turn it into something you'll love.