Friday, May 21, 2010

Still talkin' about pockets

I could stuff a lot of eggs in this pocket. In fact I might be able to fit in the entire hen.

Natalie Chanin corset tank with self-drafted western yoke

I have made several things inspired by the Alabama Stitch Book. When I looked back through my photos I only managed to come up with the circle wrap skirt and the western corset. I did not use the slow stitch method. On both of these occasions I stitched the applique by machine. I am a huge fan of stitching by hand. In fact I find myself gravitating toward a project that I can complete from the porch.
I feel a need to slow everything down just a bit, and breathe.


Amy said...

Big pockets are a good thing. Love the red accents

Anonymous said...

Nice job on that reverse applique. And the yoke on the tank looks fantastic!

SpindleJigs said...

I love this top, I might have to try something like that. :D

Maria said...

Thank you for introducing us to the Alabama Stitch Book - what a lovely inspiration! Also, thank you for providing a picture of that great skirt with the wonderful pocket. It's so cute that it's making me want to find a way to put huge, useful pockets on all my skirts.

Mary said...

I've been thinking about pockets all day since discovering your lovely blog.

Queenplinker said...

Loved catching up with your blog...always an inspiration. Got my eye on a pattern sale, desperately need a hen holding/egg gathering/milkmaid apron :0)

Have a great day, Lynea