Sunday, May 2, 2010

McCall's 4783

"Son, real quick before we go, will you take a picture of my skirt?"
"Okay, but I told C we'd be there in a half hour. "
"Don't worry about what my hands are doing, or if I'm smiling, just take the skirt."
"Oh, but don't cut the skirt off, take it from my waist, get the whole thing."
"Don't cut off my feet, I don't want to look stumpy."
"If you cut the photo off at my hips I'll look wide."
"Turn the camera, you want to take this kind of photo vertically."
"Take a bunch, then I'll have several to choose from."
"mumble, mumble, umble, umble, ummm..." -this part really not worth repeating
"Don't use the flash."

The photo session was a real endurance test for my teen aged son, who was only going the distance because he needed a ride. After I got back from taking him to C's house, I loaded the photos. After all the outtakes- this is as good as it got.

I forgot to tell him to focus.

skirt made with vintage 50's fabric

line drawing McCall's 4783


willywagtail said...

Just love it! Regardless of the photographer. It's so hard to get good help these days isn't it? ;) Cherrie

Ramona Burke said...

That fabric is GORGEOUS! the pattern looks familiar, I might need to make one myself...

Shannon said...

That fabric is luscious! I covet your skirt.

claire said...

Ha ha, i can really relate to this - how old is he?
My son is 14 and I swear he pretends not to be able to take a good photo on principal!!
"not another photo of you mum"
"But its for my blog"
... Big pained sigh.....

Gertie said...

OH, it's just fantastic! Beautiful! Brava!

Camelia Crinoline said...

That fabric is lovely. Your tights are great too.

Melynda said...

Ironically enough my son is also 14.
He was telling me tonight about his friends mother. She was unwell and her mother (the friends grandmother) was concerned. He shared that she always speaks so lovingly to her daughter and prefaces everything with sweetheart or darling. He thought it was nice. Of course I mentioned that I would love to preface my comments to him with sweetheart or darling (I've been forbidden). yeah, still no.

Trudy Callan said...

Your skirt is gorgeous. The velvet trim adds a nice touch.

alethia said...

Beautiful! The fabric is beautifulllll

Crystal F said...

Thankfully my son is still at the age where he likes to play with my camera, but he never quite gets it in focus either.

Love the skirt and think the picture looks fine. I think this skirt was perfect use of the fabric and I really want it!

Trisha said...

Hi, I found your blog through Me-Made-May, and I love your style! This skirt turned out great, and you have an enviable array of tights.

gwensews said...

That is a very pretty skirt. Love the print and the style. Enjoy wearing that beauty!